Kind words from the people
we’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years.

“Given my experience in managing successful business accelerator programs, I know the value of having reliable partners for growth and development. That’s why, after leaving SBDC/Access Accelerator and starting the Kanoo Innovation Hub (KIH), I immediately reached out to Arrowlynk to provide thought leadership and robust execution of my accelerator objectives.

I had previously engaged Arrowlynk at Access Accelerator to deliver their 8-week BRIDGE Program for startups and was thoroughly impressed. I invited them to achieve similar objectives when I co-founded Kanoo Innovation Hub. Our choice to have them deliver these programs was made simple because of their reputation for delivering impactful business development training and running successful startup programs, including Starter Island and an instance of Startup Weekend. In reviewing the feedback from the participants, Arrowlynk opened their eyes to many of the vital steps in acceleration that startups either miss or neglect. The programs were successful largely due to their skillful execution.

The team is knowledgeable, engaging, and truly invested in the success of our startups at KIH. Travis, Matthew, and Shana customized their approach to fit the unique needs of each business, delivering customized training and attention that produced outstanding results. They also have a ‘vibe’, a spiritedness of sorts that resonated with my clients.

I was particularly impressed that Travis, Shana, and Matthew have a genuine care for the founders, which is completely aligned with our mission to bring change to the region by finding, funding, and fostering entrepreneurs to spur innovation. The ‘care’ was our secret sauce.

I highly recommend Arrowlynk to any organization looking to drive business development and growth. Their expertise and genuine care make them a valuable partner for success, and I am honored to have them be a part of Kanoo Innovation Hub.”

Davinia L. Bain
Cofounder, Kanoo Innovation Hub

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