The BRIDGE Program is a transformative 12 week journey that empowers both founders and their visionary ideas. It’s crafted to challenge, nurture, and arm entrepreneurs and startups with the essential tools and support they need to sculpt their fledgling ideas into robust businesses, primed for explosive growth and attractive to investors. This accelerator is your launchpad to not just survive, but thrive in the competitive business landscape, setting the stage for future success and potential investment.


Month 1: Dedicated to refining business model, structure, and strategy. Each team is assigned mentors with experience in their field.

Month 2: Executing validation, incorporating feedback, and refining approaches.

Month 3: Validation continues as participants refine their models, product refinements, and marketing strategies. Business plans and pitches are polished with complete evaluations and feedback provided by us. Final pitches prepared for Pitch Day to a group of local investors and advisors qualified to provide support and capital if the startups make the cut.

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