Stefen Deleveaux

Stefen is a Bahamian economist and an authority on blockchain and fintech in the Caribbean. He is President of the Caribbean Blockchain Alliance (CBA), which is a regional organization formed to advocate for blockchain technology and to foster its adoption through awareness, education, and public policy.

CBA is supported by major Caribbean blockchain companies. Stefen has led the blockchain education of software developers and has facilitated various hackathons. He regularly partners with multilateral institutions such as the Inter-American Development Bank, and global blockchain protocols such as Celo, to increase the scale of impact and blockchain adoption in the region. His core goal is to build cohorts of blockchain practitioners, developers or otherwise, in the region.

Having worked throughout the many various sectors of the Web3 industry, Stefen also is a regular speaker at blockchain events and conferences throughout the world, routinely bringing the Bahamian perspective to many. He also recently launched the Oasis Onchain consumer crypto conference series in Nassau.

He is also a co-founder of the Shift the Culture startup advocacy group, and the Arrowlynk Ventures business incubator, both based in The Bahamas.

You can often find him on twitter discussing the boundless potential of DAOs or ways on how to bring more Web3 adoption to the Global South.

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